Washington?based BooginHead? was started by a mom to solve what her family refers to as "BooginHead" moments; that's when your little one is doing something they shouldn't (like throwing their sippy cup on the floor over and over just to get you to pick it up) but they do it anyway and somehow it makes you laugh. BooginHead? is all about stylish products for babies and toddlers invented by parents, products such as pacifier holders, pacifier leashes, sippy cup holders and reusable food pouches. The SippiGrip is an award?winning mom?invented product which keeps your child's cup, bottle or toy from falling on the floor, getting lost, or becoming dirty. The easy to fill, clean and store reusable food pouches are freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe; use them for everything from yogurt to apple sauce. Don't be a BooginHead ? get a grip with a universal pacifier leash that is compatible with all types of pacifiers.