Founded in 2012 by an enthusiast with experience in the home brewing industry, Arizona-based Demon Brewing Company was established to fill an untapped market in the home brewing space. Most equipment is geared to brewing five gallons or more beer, while many people would prefer to brew smaller batches. Further, there were no cool pieces of equipment like conical fementers, only bucket or keg-style fermenters which bore no resemblance to the equipment craft breweries use to make artisanal beer. That all changed with the introduction of the BrewDemon? 2-gallon conical fermenting system with the world?s first 2-gallon conical fermenter; today the innovative product line makes it easy for anyone to be able to afford to brew like the pros plus bottling and cleanup is a whole lot easier. The product line includes basic beer kits, signature beer kits, hard cider kits, conical fermenter systems, bottling systems and a large variety of beer, stout and ale mixes.