The creative visionary Romero Britto is the man behind the Britto? name. By filling his life with optimistic, vibrant, colorful pop art creations and images of a beautiful world, the Brazilian artist has further expanded his art off the canvas. His inspired artwork and imagery can be found on a range of consumer products destined to delight and engage the beholder. Some decorative, some functional and all wonderful, Britto?s artwork can be found on items ranging from stemware to tote bags. When you seek to integrate a burst of color and positivity into your life and celebrate the magic that is Britto?, your options run the gamut from on the body to off the wall. Collectors adore the Disney by Britto? figurines; partiers toast with colorful martini glasses while commuters perk up at the sight of their travel mugs. The line includes wall art, table signs, placemats, coasters, umbrellas, wallets and passport covers, shot glasses, mugs, plush toys and more.