Founded in 1992, Missouri-based Buddeez? began with the creation of an innovative and unique bread dispenser, the only dispenser that dispenses bread slice by slice straight from its original wrapper. The company expanded upon this success and today offers a range of plastic food storage containers and dispensers designed to enable you to dispense a variety of dry goods fresh from the original bag; the entire product line is proudly made in America. The range of products includes impact-resistant, food grade resin roll away pet food dispensers that may also be used for gardening, recycling or other purposes; clear BPA free, FDA approved ?bag in? resin food containers and more. The patented Bag-Gripper Lid? allows you to place your pet food bag into the dispenser to convert your ordinary pet food bag into a pet food storage container and dispenser; the containers help to keep pests and rodents out of food while keeping it fresher longer.