The idea occurred on a family vacation in 2007 when two brothers and a son came up with an ingenious idea. What if they constructed a completely portable storage cabinet with adjustable shelves that could go on any door and increase storage area without sacrificing wall or floor space? One of the Florida-based family members was the owner of a residential contractor business and in 2008; Hingenuity Inc. was created to market innovative, convenient storage solutions under the Cabidor? name. The range of unique storage products includes the original concealable hinge-mounted storage cabinet, a mini cabinet, a mirrored jewelry storage cabinet and a connector cabinet. The storage units are ideally suited for use in a bathroom or bedroom. All of the low-profile storage cabinets are completely portable and designed to be hung on the existing door hinges; installation is fast and easy. Make the most of the unused space in your home and maximize your living area with space-saving storage solutions from Cabidor?.