Caffe Vergnano

Founded in 1882 as a small apothecary in Italy, the family behind Caffe Vergnano? soon mastered the art of coffee and by the 1930s purchased a coffee-producing farm in Kenya; today the fourth-generation led firm is one of the largest coffee producers and sellers in Italy, catering to the hospitality industry, offices, workplaces and home users with superior quality coffee blends. Coffee connoisseurs yesterday, today and tomorrow, Caffe Vergnano? controls every step of the production process to ensure you obtain only the finest premium quality gourmet coffee blends. Because coffee is a passion, the company produces Espresso 1882 capsules compatible with the Nespresso? single serve coffee machines in order to allow you to enjoy an espresso as rich and intense as any in Italy; the premium blends include cremoso espresso, intenso espresso, Arabica espresso, lungo espresso and decaffeinated espresso.