Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings was started in Colorado in 1969 with the belief that flavorful, all?natural herbal teas could help people to live and enjoy healthier lives. The herbs were first harvested by hand in the Rocky Mountains; today the company sources more than 100 different ingredients from over 35 countries around the world and is one of the largest specialty tea manufacturers in North America. The herbal tea was originally offered in hand?sewn muslin bags to be sold at health food stores; today it is offered in a variety of innovative formats including the popular Celestial Seasonings? K?Cups? designed for use in Keurig? brewing systems. Enjoy all of your favorites like Lemon Zinger? for Keurig? brewers, Sleepytime? caffeine free herbal tea for Keurig? along with popular tea blends such as green tea, perfect iced tea Southern sweet black tea, perfect unsweetened iced tea, Southern sweet tea and more.