Founded in 1960, California-based Celestron? manufactures and imports telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes and related accessory products; the company emerged from an electronics and military components firm founded in 1955 by Tom Johnson. Mr. Johnson became involved in telescopes when he built a refracting telescope for his sons; this led to the creation of a division that would later become Celestron?. Today the privately held company manufactures high quality telescopes and other optical devices designed to allow you to explore the cosmos from the comfort of home. The product line includes tabletop telescopes; monoculars; binoculars; freestanding tripod telescopes; land and sky telescopes and more. Find binoculars suited for a nature excursion or a sporting event along with beginner?s telescopes to view the celestial world and entry-level telescopes to view the sky around you.