Pfizer Consumer Healthcare manufactures leading non-prescription medicines, vitamins and nutritional products including the Centrum? brand of multivitamins. The multimineral-multivitamin supplement is complete from A to Zinc to deliver the Recommended Daily Allowance in today?s diets. The multivitamins are intended to help people fill dietary gaps when they aren't fulfilling their nutritional needs through food alone; the multivitamins have key ingredients your diet may be missing. Most Americans do not get enough of 6 essential nutrients (vitamins A, C, D, E, calcium and magnesium) from food alone so the products are designed to address these potential shortfalls. The selections include women?s multivitamins; men?s 50+ multivitamin/multimineral supplement tablets; multivitamin/multimineral supplement tablets for women; chewable multivitamin/multimineral supplement tablets; multivitamin/multimineral supplements designed for adults under 50 years of age; Centrum? Silver? and more.