Charles Viancin

Born in the French Alps, Charles Viancin is an inspired designer and entrepreneur known for creating innovative products. In 2003 he conceived a line of culinary accessories that would reflect the beauty of the natural world; in 2008 his dream became a reality with the launch of the Charles Viancin group. Today the ever-evolving product line includes fun and functional kitchen accessories and culinary essentials with original and innovative designs based on the beauty and functionality of nature. Products include the Dahlia? silicone lid, designed to help prevent splatters and retain steam while cooking; the Dahlia? oblong silicone cover which features a floral design and forms an air-tight seal to keep food fresh for longer and seal in heat during cooking; Dahlia? drink markers that are BPA free suction cups that adhere to glassware; the clever Vortex overboil ring designed to helps prevent messes from boiling liquids and to make clean-up quick and simple and more.