Chasseur? began by making enameled cast iron cookware and trivets; the products are manufactured by the Invicta S.A. foundry based in Donchery in the Champagne-Ardenne region of Northern France, as they have been since 1924. All steps of the manufacturing process are done in-house from design through the foundry and the enamel surface treatment; over time the manufacturing capabilities have expanded to encompass a range of culinary accessories such as stylish cast iron paper towel holders and decorative trivets. The cast iron enamel cookware offers durable construction that distributes heat evenly and absorbs and retains heat for better cooking. Products include oval and cow shaped grill pans; enameled cast iron sauce pans with lids; cast iron fry pans with glass lids; round casseroles; gratin dishes; oval casseroles; Panini presses; rabbit and duck terrines; round grill pans; square grill pans; covered casseroles; rectangular grill pans and more.