Kitchen gadget fans, creative chefs and engaged home cooks love Chef'n? ? the slightly irreverent and always innovative line of food preparation products designed to make meals easy, and fun. Based in Seattle, the company started in 1982 with a garlic machine which allowed cooks to use fresh garlic without suffering from stinky hands. Today the Chef'n? Garlic Zoom? offers a fun way to mince and chop garlic in seconds; it is a classic example of the creative gadget and utensil solutions the company reinvents on a regular basis. The philosophy is to make better tools so you can make better foods and the range of products includes everything from innovative citrus juicers, salad dressing emulsifiers and mixers to salt and pepper mills, mixing bowl sets and measuring cups. Every cook can use an extra hand in the kitchen; a special utensil such as a banana slicer, strawberry huller, pastry pen, egg masher or fridge fork is the sort of handy innovation you can count on from Chef'n?.