Publically traded New York-based Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. markets and distributes over-the-counter healthcare and cleaning products under a variety of well known brand names; the oral analgesic Chloraseptic? is part of the Prestige Brands portfolio. Invented by Robert Schattner, the antiseptic sore throat spray compound has phenol as the active ingredient; it is the number 1 pharmacist recommended brand for relief from sore throat pain. The product line includes alcohol-free, aspirin and sugar-free sore throat spray, a fast-acting medicine designed to provide temporary pain relief from sore throat and mouth pain; warming spray designed to alleviate sore throat pain with a great-tasting honey-lemon flavor for extra-soothing relief; sore throat lozenges with a soothing liquid center designed to offer maximum strength pain relief; sore throat and cough sugar-free lozenges designed to work as a cough suppressant and cool nasal passages.