Clif Bar

Founded in 1992, Clif Bar & Company produces organic foods and drinks; the company?s flagship product, the CLIF bar, was created after the founder took a one-day, 175 mile bike ride for which he packed a variety of energy bars. He experimented with many recipes and product names, finally settling on a recipe he named after his father Clifford. Today the California-based, privately held company produces a variety of energy bars tailored to women, children and other niches; all products use organic ingredients. The energy bars are high in protein to supply nutrition for sustained energy; they have no trans fats and are sourced from ingredients that are not genetically engineered. The product line includes chocolate chip energy bars, cool mint chocolate energy bars, trail mix energy bars, crunchy peanut butter energy bars, chocolate protein bars, chocolate peanut butter protein bars, mini energy bars, chocolate brownie energy bars, oatmeal raisin walnut energy bars and more.