Colon Cleanse

Founded in 1981, California-based Health Plus Inc. started when the founders, who owned a health food store, saw a need amongst their customers and set out to formulate a supplement that would help. The first product they introduced was Colon Cleanse?; today the brand encompasses an array of products including probiotics, digestive enzymes and antibiotics. The company is dedicated to helping people become more educated and to understand the benefits of cleansing. The all natural products are designed to improve fiber intake, colon health, low carb diets, internal cleansing and correct occasional constipation; they may also help to maintain cholesterol already within the normal range. Select products include Every Day Cleanse? dietary supplement capsules; Super Colon Cleanse? dietary supplement capsules; every day fiber dietary supplements; Max Probiotic Fiber? probiotic supplement capsules; herbal Colon Cleanse? Super and more.