Comfort & Harmony®

Comfort & Harmony? is a part of the Kids II? family of brands which has been in the business of creating innovative baby products since 1969 when the founder, a grandmother, came up with an idea about how to keep infants from slipping in the bathtub. The brand is focused on two things ? your baby and you, because your time together is precious and fleeting; make every moment count with thoughtful and adorable baby products designed to offer comfort and harmony. The product line includes darling baby bouncer blankets and shopping cart covers, portable baby swings and baby bouncers. Each item is ergonomically designed and combines technology with super?soft fabrics, cute characters and cuddly finishes. The portable baby swing features WhisperQuiet operation to ensure your baby is undisturbed while swinging and listening to melodies; the baby bouncer features a volume control and auto shut?off; while the Snuggle Stay? blanket is the one blanket baby can't kick off.