The glass-ceramic material known as Pyroceram? was designed in the 1950s to absorb extreme temperature fluctuations in rocket nose cones. The same exceptional performance capabilities were deemed suitable for cookware and in 1958 CorningWare? was introduced to home cooks. Its ability to go directly from freezer to oven to table made the brand an instant success with busy homemakers and the engineers behind the brand designed each piece with a tight-fitting lid for storage. Today?s CorningWare? is safe in microwave, convection and conventional ovens; safe for freezer and refrigerator use; non-porous so it resists stains and won?t absorb food odors; is dishwasher safe. The product line includes dinnerware, bakeware and serveware and the favorite of home cooks and professional chefs; it is a wedding registry staple. The convenient and versatile baking dishes make it easy to make, bake and serve food in one dish and are ideally suited for a busy lifestyle.