Korean-based Coway puts its corporate message in its company name ? it signifies their wish to share business with customers, the community and the world by looking at things from the consumers? perspective and sharing happiness with others by creating environmentally friendly household appliances. Their motto: we bring wellness. With a dream for clean water, clean world and clean people, since 1989 Coway has sought a balance of design and functionality with every item they create. The exceptionally well-designed product line includes air purification systems, sleep machines and replacement filters. Enjoy breathing easier in your home with the 4-Stage Filtration System air purifier with Air Quality Indicator; ionic technology enhances the cleaning power to remove impurities and odors in the air for a fresher, healthier environment. Sleep easy with an air purifier with built-in sound therapy and a True HEPA filter to capture dust, allergens, smoke, pet dander and pollen.