Founded in 2005, Crane USA believes that design is an attitude and your home is your personal expression of your lifestyle. Realizing that more and more people wish to improve their health and home environment, Crane offers a range of humidifiers, air purifiers and space heaters which don?t just perform flawlessly ? they make you smile. The efficient and functional product couples quality with captivating design as they control indoor air pollutants and heating. The product line includes air purifiers, humidifiers and stylish convection heaters. The warm and cool mist humidifiers feature ionizers; the space heaters include mini-fireplaces, conventional and anti-allergy convection heaters. The character-based ultrasonic and cool-mist humidifiers offer whisper-quiet operation and provide relief from cough, cold and flu symptoms; they are ideally suited for use in a nursery of child?s bedroom. Look to Crane when you seek design for better living.