The team at Ohio-based CucinaPro? started the business in 2004 with a sole goal ? to sell better kitchenware to better customers with an appreciation for the complexities involved in making the very best food. The company produces professional-grade kitchen products made from quality components; pride and care are company hallmarks. The range of small kitchen electrics includes Belgian waffle bakers, bubble waffle makers, traditional and non-stick pizelle bakers, multi-purpose bakers and everyday cookers. The convenient and versatile multi bakers are perfect for grilling sandwiches and hamburgers, great for making cupcake tops and whoopee pies, ebelskivers, cake pops and meatballs. Keep food moist and flavorful with the everyday cooker ? it?s better than a microwave for reheating leftovers and is great for crusts, cookies and pot stickers. If you love good food you?ll love CucinaPro?; it?s built for the gourmet trade.