A division of Browne & Co., a Canadian supplier of quality gourmet kitchen products, Cusipro makes tools for cooks who have an eye for design and passion for quality; these innovative products feature timeless designs and uncompromising quality. Subject to rigorous testing standards, each culinary tool is designed to tackle a specific task with precision and ease. Cooking is a passion at Cuisipro and each item is designed from scratch to meet the exacting needs of the home cook; sketches are drawn and redrawn, prototypes made, tested, revised and perfected ? only then does an item go into production. This carefully crafted product line includes herb keepers, batter dispensers, measuring spoons and cups, sifters, graters, BPA?free icing bottles, decorating pens, apple corers, batter mixing bowls, turkey lifters, pop moulds and more, each designed to appeal to the senses and perform flawlessly time after time.