Curtis Stone

By age four, Australian Curtis Stone began cooking with his grandmother; he had a fondness for her Yorkshire fudge along with a fascination with his mother's amazing home?baked corn and bacon muffins. Stone went on to become a chef, first in Australia, then in London and finally in America; he has starred in countless cooking shows and recently opened a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. Based on his years of experience in both professional and home kitchens where he knew firsthand what the average home cook was up against, Stone developed a line of cookware and bakeware designed to allow you to effortlessly whip up something wonderful and cook with confidence. The product line includes muffin pans, loaf pans and cake pans along with anodized body HardStuff non?stick cookware such as saut‚ pans, saucepans, woks and fry pans, and an array of professional weight stainless steel construction non?stick pans. Look to Curtis Stone for real world cooking solutions.