Part of the W.M. Barr & Company, Inc. family of brands, DampRid? was founded in 1948 as Vapor Products, Inc. in Orlando, FL. The products eliminate excessive humidity and musty odors for dryer, fresher, cleaner air you'll love. The removal of excess humidity helps to remove musty odors caused by moisture in the air; DampRid? needs no electricity to operate and is thus ideal for use in communities hit by hurricanes or floods. It is an all?natural way to absorb excess moisture which causes stale air and may damage your household possessions. The product line includes disposable moisture absorbers with activated charcoal, hi?capacity moisture absorbers, hanging moisture absorbers, AirScapes? moisture absorbing containers and refills, and room?size moisture removers. Prevent mold and mildew stains and protect your belongings from moisture damage while providing fresher, more comfortable air with DampRid?.