Founded in 1992, privately held, California-based DEX Products, Inc. offers comfort and safety products for babies, toddlers and children. Known for providing ?big ideas for little ones?, the company designs and manufactures innovative juvenile products to address your child?s sleeping, feeding, travel and safety needs. Each solutions-based product helps parents and children. The Safe Lift universal crib wedge is beneficial to your baby's health and safety; a non-skid bottom holds the wedge in place and gently elevates your little one?s head for easier breathing and better digestion. Another award-winning innovative sleep product is the DEX DayDreamer? infant sleeper, an infant sleeping aid that offers a perfect 28ř incline, a baby's ideal sleeping position, to help your baby sleep better and longer. Many doctors suggest infants sleep at an incline to help prevent plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).