Texas?based Dexas International produced its first cutting board in Dallas, TX in 1969; over four decades later, the company still produces 80% of all the cutting boards they make in the United States. Dexas? is a leading designer and the largest manufacturer of cutting boards in America; in addition to cutting boards the product line includes innovative kitchenware, kitchen tools and gadgets along with silicone heat?resistant kitchen aids. The colorful products are designed to stimulate the inspired home chef's culinary creativity with a range of on?trend goods uniquely suited for today's focus on a healthier lifestyle. Notable items include expandable colanders and strainers, salad spinners, slice and serve pizza boards, leafy greens choppers and salad tossers along with a signature range of stylish and functional synthetic cutting boards. In addition to plastic cutting boards, Dexas? produces collapsible pet bowls and pet food can covers. Go Texan?.