Founded in Massachusetts in 1818, Dexter-Russell, Inc. is the largest and oldest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States. Started by the Harrington family, the company was named after a son, Dexter Harrington; in 1933 the company merged with the John Russell Cutlery Company and in 2001 changed the name to Dexter-Russell to reflect its history. The American-made Dexter? line of kitchen and table cutlery became known for its high quality and is popular in American homes and restaurants. Known for superior quality, the product line includes durable and handy kitchen utensils such as walnut handled stainless steel pancake turners, stainless steel granny forks, stainless steel mini turners, pastry turners, spatulas, serving turners and utility turners; all are hand washable. Additional products include stainless steel oyster knifes ideal for shucking oysters and prying open shells with ease.