Diaper Dekor

Part of the Regal Lager, Inc. family of brands since 2000, Diaper Dekor originates from Europe and was specifically designed to meet the needs of the North American market. The ABS plastic diaper pail is one of the top?selling diaper disposal systems in the United States and Canada; features include hands?free disposal, a unique odor control system, large capacity, more efficient refill use and a lifetime warranty. Offering a sleek, stylish and convenient way to dispose of your baby's diapers, each unit is made of durable, scratch resistant ABS plastic that doesn't retain odors and features a hands?free foot pedal which opens the lid so you may simply drop in your diaper and be done. Conventional and biodegradable disposable diaper system refills are designed to fit the large capacity (up to 60 newborn diapers) pails and the pail itself may be used after the diaper stage for kitty litter disposal or, by removing the diaper insert, as a wastebasket.