Dimond Lighting

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in the United States, ELK Group International, Inc. is a premier designer and importer of light fixtures which are marketed and distributed under various brand names. Staffed with an award?winning team of designers and engineers, the company markets a line of table and floor lamps under the Dimond Lighting brand. The exquisite details and design artistry evident in each light fixture are such that Dimond Lighting is known as "jewelry for the home?"; the table lamps and floor lamps are illuminating works of art designed to be a brilliant addition to any home. The product line includes breathtakingly beautiful table lamps with spectacular lamp shades made of the finest fabrics; the lamp bodies are such that even when the lamp is turned off it makes an unforgettable decorative statement; the floor lamps are equally compelling and ultimately functional. When you want the best it pays to invest in Dimond Lighting.