DK Publishing

Part of the Penguin Random House global publishing group, Dorling Kindersley (DK Publishing) was established in 1974 as a book packaging company. That all changed when, in 1982, the company published a First Aid Manual with a decidedly different look ? each glossy white page was filled with copiously illustrated text which came to define the company's distinctive visual style. DK Publishing continues to be known for superior quality, distinctive highly visual books that inspire and entertain readers of all ages; each book is produced by a team of editors and designers who work with freelance writers and illustrators to produce compelling books you'll enjoy time and again. The product range includes children's books, board books, bath time books, bedtime books, peek?a?boo books, baby books, touch and feel books, potty books and more. The children's books have age appropriate features such as soft padded covers, reward stickers and novelty textures.