Dog is Good

Founded in 2007, privately-held California-based Dog is Good? is a lifestyle company based on the joy you feel when you are in the presence of your dog; the diverse product line is known for featuring clever and poignant sentiments that strike a chord with dog lovers worldwide. Best known as an apparel company, the brand has expanded to encompass a range of gift, pet and home d‚cor products. The thoughtfully conceived product line often features a play on words and images that evoke knowing smiles, chuckles and nods of recognition from anyone who has ever loved a dog. The dog-centric product line includes decorative throw pillows; doormats; comfortable sleep shirts; handy coasters; coffee mugs; water bottles; hats; humorous greeting cards; bar towels; decorative signs and more; all of the items bear witty sentiments and clever graphics certain to resonate with dog-lovers and pet owners alike.