Dr. Maas

Established in 1969, Texas-based Sleep for Success!? was founded by Dr. James B. Maas, an internationally recognized authority on sleep and performance; the company mission is to promote and evangelize the importance of great sleep through a better understanding of both the costs of sleep deprivation and the life-changing benefits of better sleep. Offering bedding designed for a better night?s sleep, the range of sleep improvement products endorsed by Dr. Maas? includes cool and dry pillow protectors; curved travel pillows; specially constructed children?s pillows; side sleeper pillows; back and stomach sleeper pillows; Stress Ease? Comfort Reader? pillows; Stress Ease? travel pillows; specialty pillows, bed pillows, pillow stackers and more. The foundation of the product line hinges around the book Sleep for Success!, a guide to everything you must know about sleep but are too tired to ask.