Founded in 2003, Australia-based Dreamfarm? is dedicated to bringing new thinking to life?s everyday problems by creating original and useful solutions that leave you wondering how you ever lived without them. The products are different and often look odd but work brilliantly. Why use old shapes for new ideas - each and every Dreamfarm? product is an exercise in problem-solving perfection; they are fundamentally unique and off-the-charts exciting, solving real problems that haven?t been solved before. Known for product design, product innovation and unique products, the selections include clever kitchen gadgets and household essentials you can?t live without. Solutions include an utterly unique, BPA free scraping spoon designed to make meal preparation easy; a chopping spatula; an innovative new twist on a garlic press; a whimsical yet entirely functional, scissor-like pizza cutter; an original take on a potato masher and more.