Duracell originated when a scientist and a businessman teamed up in the 1920's to produce mercury batteries for military equipment; the company produced a variety of batteries for decades. In the 1950's Kodak introduced cameras with a flash and the AAA battery was developed; the market expanded for batteries designed for consumer use. The Duracell? brand name was introduced in 1964, inspired by the concept of a "durable cell" battery. Today the company is part of the Proctor & Gamble family of brands. Known for reliability in even the most extreme conditions, Duracall? batteries are used to power cameras, flashlights, toys, clocks, smoke alarms, portable radios, remote controls, safety and camping gear and more. The range of products includes AA batteries, AAA batteries, C batteries, D batteries, 9V batteries and button batteries designed to power keyless entry remote controls, calculators, watches and medical electronic gadgets. Count on the copper top.