Founded in 2012, privately held, Washington-based Eko Brands, LLC is dedicated to offering single serve brewer aficionados an environmentally sound alternative to single use, disposable coffee pods. Single serve coffee is the fastest growing segment in the coffee market today yet many have voiced concern over the environmental impact of the trend. Many of the non-biodegradable plastic-and-foil K-Cup? packs will end up in the landfill; to counter this the company developed single serve reusable filters designed for use in Keurig? K-Cup? brewing systems. The ekobrew? stainless steel reusable cup for the K-Cup? single serve brewer allows users to enjoy any ground coffee of their choice without making any adjustments to the machine. The 100% BPA and lead free cup eliminates the use of disposable plastic or foil cups when brewing a cup of coffee. Additional products include a reusable coffee filter for Keurig? single cup brewers and cleaning tablets.