Established in 1972, California-based Alacer Corp. was created to market vitamin supplements featuring vitamin C; the company is today part of the Pfizer portfolio of brands. The mission of Alacer is to provide the world with nutritionally enhanced products that support an energetic, healthy lifestyle. The Emergen-C? brand was launched in 1978 and encompasses a range of effervescent, caffeine-free powdered vitamin supplement drink mixes that are manufactured in the United States. The delicious and beneficial dietary supplements include vitamin C fizzy drink packets in flavors such as super orange, raspberry, acai berry, cranberry-pomegranate and tangerine; immune + system support vitamin C supplements with added vitamin D, zinc, B vitamins and electrolytes; Pink? vitamin C dietary supplements with B vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants to support your immune system and give you energy and more.