Founded in 1986, California-based Et˘n develops and manufactures products that enable people to be informed, entertained and safe; with a mission to emphasize design, performance and use of nature's energy to power durable products, the company offers safety, weather, preparedness, emergency, solar, dynamo and alternative energy radios to provide information, entertainment and protection anywhere. Committed to helping people be prepared?for everyday fun and the unexpected emergency, the company?s hand-crank emergency radios, weather alert radios, backup battery packs and solar-powered sound systems make a real difference, which is why The American Red Cross has chosen to partner with Et˘n on select products. Notable items include a durable, hand-powered AM/FM/NOAA radio with flashlight and the hand turbine NOAA AM/FM weather alert radio with smart phone charger. Be empowered by nature and be prepared.