The Belgian brand GreenPan? is passionate about healthy cooking; they launched their ceramic coated pans in 2007 and have changed the material families cook with around the globe. Each pan features patented Thermolon? non-stick technology which is extremely heat resistant so that even if you overheat your pan no toxic fumes will be released, the coating will not blister or peel plus the easy to clean non-stick finish is such that you cook largely on low to medium heat settings. The finish offers even heat distribution so foods cook evenly, brown beautifully and the pans are superb for searing and crispy frying. The product line includes hard anodized open fry pans, hard anodized non-stick open stock cookware, nonstick woks, crepe pans, saut‚ pans and Dutch ovens, stainless steel nonstick fry pans and cookware, aluminum nonstick fry pans, ceramic nonstick fry pans and more. GreenPan? products are healthy, provide great performance and convenience.