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    • Grime Boss® 30-Count Touch Screen Wipes
    • For use on touch screen surfaces such as smartphones, tablets, computers and even televisions
    • Removes fingerprints, smudges, and residue to keep your screen clear
    • 100% paper crepe / wood pulp / cellulose
    • Made in USA

Grime Boss

Grime Boss® household cleaning products are part of the Nice-Pak portfolio of brands. Founded over 50 years ago with the Original Wet Nap®, Nice-Pak had a vision that pre-moistened wipes could be the optimum dispensing system for a variety of liquids including cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions. Nice-Pak is the global wet wipes expert. The Grime Boss® product line consists of specialty wipes designed for household cleaning and includes multi-purpose disinfecting wipes, screen wipes, stove wipes, furniture wipes, glass and surface cleaning wipes, kitchen surface sanitizing wipes, scrubbing household disinfecting wipes, wet floor cloths, dry sweeper cloths and more. Select wipes feature Tencel fibers for strong yet gentle cleaning of all household and office surfaces while others are made of paper crepe, wood pulp and cellulose; Nice-Pak continuously innovates to offer state of the art cleaning solutions.

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