Founded in 1990, Massachusetts-based Keurig? is a designer and manufacturer of specialty coffee brewers; the coffee brewing systems and single serve coffee makers are based on the concept of brewing consistently excellent coffee, tea and other beverages using pods known as K-Cups?. The revolutionary concept transformed the home coffee brewing experience, allowing people to enjoy a freshly brewed custom cup of piping hot coffee at the press of a button. Today the company is a leader in the specialty coffee, coffee makers, tea and beverage preparation categories and select brewing systems have been redesigned so you can brew a single cup or an entre carafe. The range of products includes single serve and carafe brewing systems, a multitude of K-Cup? coffee, tea hot chocolate and other beverage pods, stainless steel carafes and travel mugs, K-Cup? carousels and storage systems and additional Keurig? compatible water filters and accessories.