simplehuman Near Anchorage, AK

Founded in 2000, privately held California?based simplehuman is a designer and manufacturer of kitchen, bath and beauty tools based on the concept that day to day life has room for improvement; by solving simple, often overlooked problems, the company helps you to be more efficient in your daily tasks at home. The products are referred to as tools for efficient living and span five general categories: trash cans and liners; sensor pumps and soap; dishracks and other kitchen tools; shower caddies and other bath tools; sensor mirrors. Thoughtful design, sensor technology and hands?free operation are brand signatures. The product line includes sensor?activated lighted mirrors that illuminate automatically as your face approaches; premium quality stainless steel step trash cans, recycling bins and custom fit liners; pet food storage cans; steel dish racks; rechargeable bath sensor pumps; paper towel holders; bag holders and more.