Founded in 1960, Portmerion? is a British pottery company based in Stoke?on?Trent; launched in 1972, the company's most recognized pattern is the Botanic Garden range, decorated with floral illustrations. A significant force in the homewares industry, the Portmerion Group is a market leader in high quality and innovatively designed tableware, cookware, giftware and tabletop accessories; goods are marketed under several well respected brands. Founded in 1767, Spode? is a well?known English brand of pottery and housewares that is today part of the Portmerion Group; it is known for perfecting under?glaze blue transfer printing, developing the successful formula for bone china and for its iconic Christmas Tree pattern. Notable selections include Christmas Tree dinnerware and serveware; Blue Italian dinnerware; Woodland Turkey dinnerware; Christmas and Thanksgiving platters; holiday dinnerware; Blue Portofino dinnerware and more.