Gyms & Playmats

For today's busy parents, baby activity mats and gyms offer great options for keeping a baby safe and entertained, both at home and away from home. Many grandparents, babysitters and day care centers also appreciate the convenience of a clean, safe play space for little ones.

Not only do most of the activity mats and gyms come in handy, fold-and-go styles, but they are also busy and fun playgrounds for infants. With many stimulating colors, sounds and activities, little ones have the chance to develop hand-eye coordination, learn to reach and build neck strength through lifting their head. Older infants begin to learn cause and effect as they play with the different features of the gym. Child development experts have provided input into the design and features of these products, resulting in a valuable tool for parents and child care providers. Whether used for tummy time, nap time or play time, activity mats and baby gyms are fun, safe and have educational value.