Building & Construction Sets

Building & Construction Toys

Encourage hands-on exploration for little ones who love to stack and build – building blocks for kids help to promote hand eye coordination, manual dexterity, color identification, spatial awareness and a host of other early childhood development markers plus play-based learning can help to strengthen your child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. Whether you’re into construction or can’t wield a hammer, it’s easy to get ideas, information and age-appropriate baby and kids building toys at Bed Bath & Beyond; browse anytime and when you find what you like, use your smart phone order tablet to order. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $39.

Little hands, big dreams

Stacking and building are basic play activities for kids of all ages. Get your child started with jumbo foam building blocks or soft and squishy building bath toys. Choose from a variety of blocks and construction sets including wooden blocks sets, plank sets, gear building sets, play mats with blocks, snap together blocks, magnetic geometry blocks and more. Older children are certain to enjoy theme-specific toy construction sets featuring robots, race cars, aircraft, space vehicles, trucks, boats and the like. Transportation is a popular theme in building and model kits and you’ll find that materials range from wood and plastic to foam, metal and even marble – no, you haven’t lost your marbles – marble mazes and mechanical marble runs are popular with kids of all ages.


Construction toys challenge and promote creativity


Your little builder will think big when provided with building toys – let their imagination run wild as build just about anything they can dream from race cars and robots to residences. Encourage open-ended play with no right or wrong way; as they tinker and build their imagination takes shape, learning becomes fun, fine motor skills improve and problem-solving becomes second nature. Build, baby, build.