Guest Towels

An attractive bath or powder room with fresh guest towels is an entertaining essential, especially when you're hosting a crowd. Pretty paper guest towels are the easy way to make guests feel welcome; the versatile paper products may also be used as buffet napkins. Vanity guest napkins come in a plethora of prints and patterns with something suitable for every occasion from a poolside party to a formal affair; monogrammed guest napkins and towels add a touch of elegance and make a memorable impression. When hosting a bridal shower or wedding party you may wish to use linen guest towels but the quality of many modern disposable guest napkins and towels deliver the look of linen with the feel of cloth, a welcome convenience when you have at lot to do. Use disposable paper guest napkins and towels for holidays and seasonal entertaining. Display guest napkins and towel in decorative towel holders or by stacking or fanning them on the vanity or table.