Medicine & Vitamins

College can be stressful ? between classes, schoolwork, sports and a social life, it?s easy to get run down, even when you try to eat right and get enough sleep. Often you just can?t get all the nutrients you need from diet alone, or you need a quick over-the-counter fix for a sore throat, cough, headache, constipation or indigestion, which is why tablets, vitamins, medicines and supplements can be so helpful. Be prepared ? shop our selection of Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin D softgels, heartburn relief chews, cough drops, sore throat lozenges, allergy tablets, cold & flu relievers, pain reliever caplets, cooling relief gels, laxative tablets, congestion relief capsules and pain relief ointments for popular remedies to everyday ailments and common dietary concerns. Help boost your immunity and build strong bones with multivitamins, pre-cold tablets, college supplements and immune system capsules so you can look and feel your best.