Personal Care

Heading off to university? Whether it?s your first time away or you?re an upper classman, it?s a good idea to use the college checklist and stock up on all the right dorm essentials and college supplies, especially personal care products because between classes, schoolwork, sports, study time and a social life, wouldn?t you rather chill with friends than go shopping? Make up a bath and shower kit for the gym or on the go; stock it with all the necessities including sponges, a shaving or shower mirror, a bath brush, hydrating towel and the like. Don?t forget deodorant for girls and guys ? a gel antiperspirant is great for both and will help to keep you cool, calm and collected when you pull an all-nighter. Extras such as an exfoliating towel, magnifying mirror, sleep mask or rechargeable electric toothbrush are always handy; fight the ?freshman five? with a bathroom scale and keep tabs on your weight too.