Skin Care

Banish blemishes and look your best for selfies, class and on campus; a good skin care regimen and quality skin care products can make all the difference. It?s difficult enough to eat right and get enough sleep while you balance classes and schoolwork; skin care should be easy. Shop our selection of facial cleansing brushes, acne stress control scrubs, hydrating body lotions, deep cleansing pore strips, moisturizing body wash, healing hand cream, oil-free cream cleansers and pore unclogging scrubs. Focus on your face first ? choose from facial treatments including problem skin facial masks, blemish control facial scrubs, anti-blackhead cleanser, facial and wrinkle reducer serum, redness soothing face cleanser and clear complexion daily cleansing pads. Specially designed facial cleansers, refreshing gels, body lotions and scrubs can help to keep your skin looking fresh so you look and feel your best.