Sheet shopping tips for college
Heading off to college ? cool. It?s all good, especially when you outfit your dorm room just the way you want, equipped with all the essential gadgets and gear necessary for studying, lounging and partying. Making the perfect bed is a must, so to get the best bed sheets for your dorm room, you need to know something about sheets, and if you?ve never bought college dorm sheets before, size matters. Most college dormitory beds are twin XL, which is short for twin extra long, which also means if you have twin sheets at home, they aren?t going to fit the bed at school. Time to go shopping!

Types of sheets
Whether you need twin XL sheets, full sheets or queen sheets, there are multiple fabric options to choose from, and each material has its own merits. Cotton extra long twin sheets are the most popular ? consider pure pima cotton sheets ? they?re softer, more durable and vibrant than regular cotton. Going someplace chilly? Cotton flannel sheets are cozy and warm while comfortable jersey knit cotton sheets feel like your favorite t-shirt, and what?s not to love about that? Heading off to hot weather? Cool cotton percale sheets are perfect for staying comfortable on warm nights. Whatever fabric you decide on, look for deep gussets so the fitted bottom sheet won?t creep off the mattress.

How many sheets sets will you need?
Assuming you?ll be doing laundry once a week, you?ll need at least two sets of sheets, plus extra pillowcases for back-up. The general strategy is to have one set on the bed, one set in the wash and one sheet set at the ready, but at college you?re probably good to go with just two sets, plus storage is always an issue in a dorm room (check out our bed risers and under-bed storage boxes for some great workarounds); cover all your bases by selecting different types of sheets, such as one set of woven cotton sheets and a second set of jersey knit or cotton flannel sheets. Sleep tight ? we?ve got you covered.