Lamps & Lighting

Great table and floor lamps can do more than simply illuminate a room ? a well?designed floor or table lamp can act as a focal point or accent piece and made a mundane room feel like a permanent vacation. Lighting of all kinds has a big impact on a room; versatile portable lighting can enhance the look of any room. A lamp is the sum of its parts ? the base of the lamp may be architectural, sculptural or a genuine work of art. A classic lamp can take on any number of looks depending on the shade; the design and artistry involved in crafting lamp shades is very complex. When selecting table lamps it's important to consider the scale of the surrounding furniture ? each lamp should be proportionate to the table, night stand or surface where it will be used. Different tasks require different types of lighting ? goose neck lamps are great for reading or studying; this is important to keep in mind when selecting dorm lighting.