Jewelry Storage

Working through your college checklist to put together the ideal dorm room? Space is always going to be an issue so it?s a good idea to plan ahead and come up with a solution to house everything you need. Jewelry and accessories are essentials; browse our college storage and organization collection any time of the day or night for clever ideas and stylish jewelry organization and storage solutions and arrange for delivery direct to your dorm. Use a hanging jewelry holder to free up counter space; choose from jewelry storage solutions including over-the-door organizers, wall-mount organizers, jewelry towers and trees, organizer sets, watch cases, jewelry boxes, drawer organizers, ring holders, jewelry armoires and more. A jewelry hanger makes it easy to secure jewelry and accessories in your closet; hang it from the closet rod amongst your clothes. Jewelry organizers make it easy to see your belongings and protects your jewelry from damage and tangles.